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Bright Enterprize lighting lives, a smart innovation LED lighting company ,provides simple and long-lasting LED Lighting solutions to the user. We have advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability. Every LED lights made by Bright Enterprize is checked by quality Engineers to meet global standards. We have not only technology but also perform with ease. Bright Enterprize LED Lights have superior quality lights than other brands in the market and have superior quality light products, priced fairly. Bright Enterprize LED lights offers a wide range of variety. Our engineers comprise the best innovative componants to meet the standards with market . We have a quality LED lighting solutions for various applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment.Our ranges from residential, retail to commercial and for industrial applications. Bright Enterprizeenlighting lives are fully integrated into the systematic structure of the overall lighting product range.

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We provide best LED luminarises, high quality LED products has various range of variety. Our engineers comprise the best innovative componants . We strive and fully commit to deliver you best product with reasonable price having best quality products.


We deliver the consistant quality of products every time with pursuance. There should not be any compromise with quality standards because quality is our first priority.


We deliver our products with given time-frame commited to customers. We also get feedback of consumers time to time. Satisfaction of customers brings us happiness.


We are passionate about consumers satisfaction , so we are very keen to know about customer’s review about the products.


We are very professional towards our precious consumers . Our customers are very satisfied with our services .


Led Bulbs

7W ,9W,12W,15W

Slim Panels

8W, 12W , 16W, 18W

Surface Panels

8W, 12W , 18W

LED Tube Lights

20w, 10w, 5w

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